I am not good in bio, but I will do my best for curious people :))

I currently working on my project PINK, I call this PinkART.

I use to be a portrait photographer, and shooting for magazines. But it's too much stress for me. I prefer taking pictures alone and free to shoot what I want. So I quit it some years ago.

Now I focus meanly on Street Photography, because no need makeup, no need stylist, and models, no retouchings and no planning,

 I can do it when I want. On night, on morning or after my daily work as IT guy (yes like you I need to paid bills).

For Gears lover: I use Fuji X100 and Leica M6. Just because , I feel good with it. It's small, light, easy to travel with.

I can take pictures with my phone but everytime I tried, it slide from my I bought camera and I look cool.

Before I used Canon 5D mark II with primes lens and zoom.

With also Elinchrom and profoto flash.

That's was too heavy for me, and don't suits my taste and so I sold all some year ago.

I don't care about photography techniques and you should to, just take pictures you like and not pictures people want you take. 

My only advice, just do what you like and if you like taking pictures but others don't like it. Just don't care.

Photography for me is much more of taking picture, it's sometime good just to going outside, and see things you don't paid attention before. Sometimes, I'm going outside with no shoots.

I do also some drawing and music but for the moment I don't post it. It's my private stuff.

I don't use social media anymore, so comeback to see my work if you like it.

All images on this site © 2010-2020 johlem All rights reserved. Use of any images without prior consent is forbidden, but well to be true I don't care. It's just for my models. So please respect them.

Thank you for visiting!  And good luck in yours project and Life.

God, or Aliens bless You. Whatever you believe my friends.

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